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Technology of personnel selection
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Personnel selection for your company will consist of six basic stages:

  1. Definition of requirements for personnel selection;
  2. Search and selection of candidates under formal requirements;
  3. Interviews between consultant and candidates;
  4. Assessment center;
  5. Preparation of individual conclusions about candidates;
  6. Hiring and trial period of the candidate.

You can order a different set of services depending on level of post, deficiency of candidates on labour market, your requirements to qualification of candidates and methods of evaluating of qualification.

Our distinctive feature: we work under the internal standards, stressed on revealing and satisfaction of expectations of client and corresponding to philosophy Total Quality Management and the international system of quality ISO 9001.

Our consultants specialize in the certain market, so they know the basic economic parameters, tendencies, technologies and the most important – managers and experts in these markets.

Nr. Stage of work: How we work: Quality assurance: Duration:
1. Definition of requirements

We preliminary prepare for a meeting with the customer: we investigate statistics of a labour market and we offer several solutions for personnel problems.

We carry out a detailed interview to the employer, asking questions on the company, a vacant post, the person of the candidate and conditions of hiring.

We investigate company culture and consider, that 60 % of the success of closing a vacancy depends on the candidate's ability to adapt this culture.

The detailed, full application coordinated with the client helps us to get further stages of recruiting done fast and correct.

Our quality standard contains rules of registration and a sample of the application, the requirement for personnel consultants. 1 day
2. Search for candidates

We use all possibilities for our search: internet, newspapers, magazines, recommendations of partners and candidates and a database with more than 10000 persons.

Search and selection of candidates in our database does not need more than an hour as all resumes are grouped on specialities, levels of management, markets and time of registration.

We do full and authentic reports on top-managers and rare experts.

Our quality standard provides weekly written and oral reports for the client about the results of search. From 1 day to 2 weeks (exclusive search).
3. Interview

During the interview we reveal the preferences of candidates. What is important for them at a new workplace, what his professional and career orientation is.

" What is the most significant factor for you: payment, recognition of collective, personal development?"

" What post would you like to have after three years? ".

In detail we analyze their answers to questions concerning previous experience, formation, skills.

We use the "dominoe" principle, the candidate cannot be limited to general formulations about an operational experience without detailed elaboration of problems he decided.

Questions like: "How did you do it?", "Tell us more about it in detail.", "What do you mean by saying?" are the most frequent in interviews.

We model dialogues and business problem situations for candidates.

We demand from candidates presence of three recommendation letters from among their heads, colleagues and subordinates.

Our quality standard contains rules about interviewing, evaluation of candidates, fixing of the answers to the main questions.

We carry out regular internal trainings on interviewing for our consultants.

The list of confidential informations of our client is stipulated in our contract.

1 week
4. Assessment Center

By request of clients we can lead a purposeful multidimensional evaluation of candidates – an assessment center. An AC allows within three hours not only to check professional qualities of candidates, but also their skill to communicate, leading skills, ability to work in a team and their creativity. An AC consists of professional and psychological tests, presentations and business games. An AC models problem situations in business and evaluates ability of candidates to find a decision.

Reliability of evaluations of managers using ACs is rated 70%.

Our quality standard contains detailed descriptions of all procedures of our assessment center, processing of results and drawing up of ratings. 1 day
5. Preparation of individual conclusions As a result of our search and selection five candidates most adequate to the requirements are presented to the client. About each candidate a conclusion is written including: physical data, formation and experience, powers of thinking, special skills, interests and motivation. Our quality standard contains obligatory operating conditions about each vacancy preparation and structured conclusions about candidates. 1-2 days
6. Hiring and trial period

To hire the candidate the employer has to answer some questions:

  • Whether the candidate can work?
  • Whether the cadidate will want to work on this post, in our company?
  • Whether other employees want to work with him in one team?
  • We do not allow much time to the employer when answering these queations because we already answered them during the application for selection.

    For us the stage of hiring does not come to an end when the candidate starts working. During the trial period monthly we receive a feedback from the employer about results of our candidate and from the candidate about conformity of operating conditions and hiring to its expectations.

    As far as we receive signals of dissatisfaction from the employer we initiate the replacement of this candidate.

    Our quality standard provides an obligatory questionnaire for the client about our work.

    The best advertising for us are the letters of recommendation and positive responses of our clients.

    The contract provides a guaranteed replacement of the candidate during the trial period.

    Up to 10 days

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