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We offer a number of services, called to satisfy the needs of companies for qualified personnel:



The business-processes directed on the solving of personnel problems of companies, consisting of search, evaluation and hiring of personnel.Also read our technology of work.

Cost of service - 25 % of one yearly income of the expert. Standard trial period is 3 months. Payment occurs in 2 stages: 40 % as soon as we present final candidates to the company, when our main work is already done. The remaining 60 % when the candidate starts working.

We would like to discuss your conditions and wishes.

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Executive Search

Searching and selection of top-managers and rare experts.

Features of Executive Search are:

  • a small number of candidates;
  • candidates are really well-paid;
  • candidates work in companies of the same branch and
  • candidates have a certain and steady desire to change their job.

Stages of Executive Search:

  • Defining a list of companies similar to customer's one concerning business direction, size and corporate culture.
  • Definition of a list with people in these companies holding certain posts.
  • Creation of an individual system of motivation for the transition of this people to the customer's company
  • Negotiations about details of transition.

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One sector of recruiting is the comparison of requirements of clients with given resume (questionnaires) of candidates.

Features of Screening:

  • A huge number of candidates.
  • Candidates either do not work or have steady desire to change a job.
  • Recruter does not carry out interview, tests and internal meetings with candidates, he delegation is up to the client.

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Assessment Center

The standardized multidimensional evaluation of personnel including complementary evaluating procedures: testing, presentations and business games.

Testing assumes the individual work of a candidate by answers the questions, solution of problems, description of situations, concepts’ definitions…

We make out:

  • Professional tests – reveal the professional knowledge of the candidate.
  • Motivational tests – reveal reasons of behavior of the person in business.
  • Tests of general intelligence.

Presentation Skills. Candidates is given the task to talk for 0,5-3 minutes about themselves and then about the company without preparation. In the first case the ability to cause trust and interest at new people, in the second - the ability to sell the goods and service is evaluated. Technics of professional presentation come to light: steady contact to the eyes of the audience, confident and various gesture, a free and pleasant mimic, possession of voice (timbre, rate, loudness, modulations), bearing and movements.

Business Cases. To model business situations in which problems are like lack of the information, limitation of resources. At first alone, then in a team candidates have to analyse a situation, to describe the purposes and problems, to distribute roles among themselves and to prepare a solutions. Business games allow evaluation following significant qualities of candidates: leadership; expertise in a certain area; resource thinking; ability to agree, convince, generate ideas; ability to deal with conflicts; understanding of the own role in a command.

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Salary Review

Salary review is a sociologic investigation including Internet’ searching, interviews with heads of companies and hr-managers.

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