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"Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia" – the largest manufacturer of soft drinks in Europe.

…the Novosibirsk branch of our company cooperates with recruitment agency "Business Connection" since 2002.

During the work with "Business Connection" was a professional recruitment agency concerning with big attention and responsibility to each order.

Working with international standards and techniques, the recruitment agency "Business Connection" is capable of providing a fast and qualitative personnel selection on vacancies of any complexity which allows to consider "Business Connection" as a reliable and long-term partner.

Timofeev A.J.
General Director of Novosibirsk branch
OOO "Coca-Cola Bottlers Siberia"

Every day transport company "Intermost" finds solutions to different kinds of transport problems. Not limited to a standard set of services we arrange deliveries for almost every cargo. Commercial success of a company depends on qualified personnel.

We are glad that the recruitment is done qualitative considering our needs and wishes.

Equally we have to note the high professionalism and human traits of the consultants. One important aspect is that the consultants of the recruiting agency "Business Connection" not only know the techniques of recruitment but also evaluation of personnel (assessment) and actively use this knowledge at decision-making.

Thanks to recruitment agency "Business Connection" our team consists of young, vigorous professionals keen on their work, which develop, gain experience in solving problems in transport logistics and to raise customer's benefit.

We recommend the company " Business Connection " as professional and reliable partner.

Borodich W.A.
General Director of

Publishing House "Ludi Dela"

We recommend recruitment agency "Business Connection" our partners and clients.

The present team of professionals working in the agency contributed significantly to the development of our publishing house. Not only by providing creative and loyal employees but also with professional consultations.

The work with you saves us weight of money and efforts of time. As the consultants of the agency have specific fields, they know our specifications and trace the changes of the market they accelerate the recruitment considerably. The use of modern techniques of recruitment is a favorably difference in the personnel market of Novosibirsk.

We wish prosperity, new contracts with major customers and steadiness in their market to "Business Connection"

Buslaeva N.A.
General Director of
Publishing House "Ludi Dela"

Group of the companies "Grata", which offer consulting services in economy and rights fields, has established contractual relations with recruitment agency "Business Connection" in March 2002.

As a result of granting services on personnel selection "Business Connection" has given to our organization a nominee of competitors on a post of a lawyer in the shortest terms, which allowed us to give an employment in one of the companies - OOO "Persona Grata" - to an qualified expert in the field of the right.

We can define the activity of the agency as excellent job on the basis of optimum prices and quality of given services.

We consider, that the agency "Business Connection" deserves a rank of an effective and reliable partner at the decision of personnel questions.

Besedin S.V.
General Director OOO "Persona Grata"

OOO "Trade chain "Sibiriada" cooperates with KA "Business Connection" since March, 2002 in the field of services of personnel selection.

The work with "Business Connection" allowed us to provide the company with various specialists in shortest terms (trading house manager, chief accountant assistant, bookkeeper, pc operator).

Style of work of agency - efficiency and quality combined with flexible prices allows to recommend it as effective partner in the market of personnel services.

Kasimov A.SH.
General Director OOO " Trade chain "Sibiriada"

Joint-Stock Company "Diesel Bureau"

Meeting deadlines in combination with flexible conditions of payment let me hope not to be involved in recruitment during the next weeks and months…

Gondarev O.M.
General Director of Joint-Stock Company "Diesel Bureau"

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